About Me

Young leader, blazing a trail.

While many follow the traditional university pathway, I carved my own unique journey directly into the dynamic world of industry. Starting fresh out of high school, I've immersed myself in diverse roles, gaining invaluable experience in sales, customer service, supply chain and logistics, strategic EDI, and project management. Each step fueled my passion for understanding how businesses operate, excel, and evolve. Outside of just experience, I possess a drive to connect and inspire.

Public speaking is my platform, where I ignite conversations on industry trends, share practical insights, and motivate others to embrace innovative approaches. Whether at conferences, workshops, or within company initiatives, I thrive on engaging audiences and fostering collaborative problem-solving.

Networking Events

I offer services to help design events that bring together individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and levels, fostering cross-pollination of ideas and building bridges. I make sure to go beyond traditional networking to create interactive experiences like speed mentoring, panel discussions, or skill-sharing workshops.

Roadmap Consultation

Helping steer your organisation in the direction of success, I offer roadmap consultation to help plan out your next steps in creating a strategic plan to integrate diveristy and inclusion into the DNA of your business.

CPD Accreditation

Catering to all of your business needs - I offer custom CPD acredited webinars, training packages, podcasts and events. Accreditation can maximise your ROI for delegates and promote growth and development within your organisation.

Keynote Speaking

Inspiring and motivating your audience to embrace D&I as a journey, not a destination - I offer keynote speaking in digital and in-person formats to perfect your events with a personal touch.